About Us


Amor Ciego Coffee Company started its humble beginnings in the heart of downtown Belton, Texas tucked away underneath the stairs of a yogurt shop early in 2017. We didn’t need much. Just a space to serve the best tasting cup of coffee we could give the world and a chance to start. Since then, we’ve sparked a growing love for our coffee in our community. The quality of our hand-crafted beverages matters to us and we take pride in serving up smiles with something as simple, yet delicate as a cup of coffee. We focus our efforts on responsibly sourcing, craft roasting, and perfectly brewing the best coffees possible to serve our customers.

Amor Ciego translates to blind love. Blind love: the moment when you are expecting nothing and the unexpected happens. Coffee epitomizes this blind love. Its color shares nothing with you of what it contains in its depths. What secrets lie in its darkness? Only mystery. It is with its scent and flavor and body that it finally speaks... And with its voice, it shares in the knowledge of the life it possesses.

Less than a year after Amor Ciego was established, we upgraded to a larger location and now roast our own coffee beans in-house for peak freshness and flavor. Roasting our own coffee beans gives us the freedom to develop our blends and single origins. We offer our coffee beans to purchase in-store to enjoy at home. Plans to expand to the internet to share our coffee with the world are in the works.

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